Burnaby South Secondary Student aspires to become a Laureate

Gabriella was hired as the CEO of her group’s company called Apiary. Apiary produces environmentally-friendly food storage wraps that are perfect for covering bowls, packing sandwiches and snacks, or keeping cut veggies and fruits fresh. For more information, please click on the link Vancouver Sun May 24

Gabriela Caceres and Business Education Teacher, Sharon Wong at Burnaby South Secondary, May 2017 

Being a CEO is not easy. Being a CEO of a start-up is even harder. You have to take a new concept and build it into a long-lasting business, while guiding your team through all the obstacles new businesses encounter.  CEOs are common, good CEOs are rare.  Business Education teacher at Burnaby South Secondary, Sharon Wong, has found one of those exceptional leaders in JA Company Program student Gabriela Caceres.

Sharon first brought the JA Company Program to Burnaby South Secondary in 2013.  “When I heard of the JA Company Program I thought it would be a great fit for my students.  I really liked that the program allowed the kids to go through the whole process of designing, organizing and operating a real company”, says Wong.  “The kids have to be willing to participate.  Ultimately the success or failure of the business depends on how much work they put in”.